Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

2-in-1 IRPL® treatment for anti-wrinkle and hair removal

New WE>O comes with two integrated softwares, specifically developed to provide the best treatments for both collagen stimulation and permanent hair reduction. The permanent hair reduction treatment will leave guests skin hairless after only 6 to 8 sessions, while the collagen stimulation process will significantly reduce lines and wrinkles. The skin regains elasticity and becomes tighter, with visible results within a month!

  • Works on brown,dark… and even blonde hair!
    WE>O has been developed to target the melanin located in the hair and destroy it from its nourishing structure.  As long as the hair have melanin inside, they can be removed by the flash emitted by WE>O, which includes black, brown and blonde hair.
  • Suitable for fair to dark skin phototypes… and tanned skin
    While most of IPL equipment can only treat skin phototype I (fair) to III (medium), WE>O medical IRPL® device can treat skin phototypes IV and V (dark skin) as well: indeed, the intensity of the flash never goes above 15 joules, which prevents our guests from getting burnt, and provides them with a safe, painless experience.

What is IRPL® and how does it work?

The IRPL® technology introduces a new dimension to conventional IPL: the regulation. Because of this new innovation, the light emitted remains constant throughout the length of the flash. This uniformity allows a
complete control of the heat generated on the treated area, which enhances the results and the safety of the flashes.

The IRPL® can go further in the control of the flash configuration. Indeed, within a single flash it is possible to generate sub-flashes of different intensities. It offers unprecedented therapeutic possibilities, which were
inconceivable with conventional IPL.

Visit our friendly qualified therapists at Garden City Brisbane, Stockland Townsville, Willows Townsville and Casuarina Darwin for your first consultation.

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