A lovely smooth finish to look good and feel great!

Our waxing approach is here for your comfort; using a specialised patch system with our unique chocolate film or apple strip wax and include skin hydration balm and ingrown spray in all treatments.

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Wax It Wellness & Rejuvenation have developed an expert patch system that is a technique used consistently by every skin specialist across the company; all to apply and remove the wax in a specific order to ensure you receive an efficient, effective and less painful experience!

Before the treatment, we will apply an all natural antibacterial lotion to the entire treatment area which will hydrate your skin and act as a slight barrier. This will prevent the wax from tugging your skin and make the treatment far more comfortable!For anyone who is extra sensitive or nervous we can provide a numbing treatment spray 10 minutes prior to the waxing which will completely desensitise the area being treated!

By firmly stretching the skin we ensure we get a clean removal of the wax strip without ripping or tugging your skin, making it much more comfortable. We will also get you to stretch in some areas to ensure the skin is extra taught in those more sensitive spots!

Once we’ve removed the wax, we apply compression to the area to minimize the sensitivity of your nerve endings which instantly soothes the skin.

Once the treatment is finished, we will apply a sterile ice pack to the area which will calm and soothe the skin, close your pores and follicles to prevent bacteria from entering them, and take away any redness (if there is any!).