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By using our IPL pigmentation correction solution, your skin specialists can effectively target those sun spots, freckles or skin discolouration to greatly improve overall skin tone, texture and radiance of your skin.

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  • Full body Exfoliate up to 24 hours prior
  • Cleanse and remove deodorant, moisturizer, make up, perfumes on day of tan
  • Wear loose dark clothing
  • Maintenance after process time
  • First shower rinse with water until water runs clear then follow with moisturizer
  • Moisturize twice daily
  • Exfoliate after day five with glove and gentle wash to ensure even removal of tan

Before Tan

  • No jewellery
  • No shaving or waxing within 24 hour period
  • N.B some medication (such as antibiotics, etc) can alter the ph. level of the skin creating an unnatural colour result
  • Strongly advise against spray tanning whilst pregnant. Please consult your doctor before spray tanning. Ensure nipple area is covered if breast feeding.

After Tan

  • No fitted clothes/shoes
  • No saunas, swimming, working out
  • No shaving or waxing during wear of spray tan
  • No contact with water/ humidity during the processing time
  • No makeup or perfume deodorant during processing time
  • Maintenance after process time
  • Don’t continue to leave tan on after the processing time has completed
  • Don’t shampoo hair within 48 hours of application or use harsh body wash or soap until after 48 hours to absorb.
  • 5 -10 days of wear of your tan can be achieved by Avoiding:- pools, saunas, exfoliates or excessive sun. Keep your tan looking good as long as possible