Founded and lead by CEO Peggy Millios, the Wax It brand is constantly expanding with new and exciting treatment types, technologies and solutions for our guests.

Our History

Beginning with a simply philosophy that bookings should be a thing of the past, Peggy introduced the “don’t plan it, wax it”™ as a brand, where our guests can visit when convenient for them, not the salon.  With bookings a thing of the past at Wax It, our guests loved the convenience of having qualified waxing specialists who used premium quality (and uniquely formulated for Wax It) wax for a less painful experience.

Since opening 15 years ago, we have offered fixed prices for both men and women and have always welcomed anyone wishing to experience the “Wax It way”

Come in any time, you’re always welcome! | Peggy Millios, CEO

Wellness & Rejuvenation

While knowing everyone has hair where they don’t want, we understand with the changing world our treatments need to move with these new concerns of our guests.

We now offer fantastic treatments with the latest technologies; including intense pulsed light (IPL), radio frequency (RF), ultrasound and microdermabrasion. 

These new solutions allow us to keep your experiences fresh and constantly developing, offering: Hair Removal (Waxing & IPL SHR), Advanced Skin (Acne Management, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation Correction, Vascular Therapy), Body Contouring, Body Sculpting, Skin Tightening, Massage, Spray Tans, Brow and Lash Tints.

All provided by industry qualified and absolutely lovely beauticians that care are  for your skin, your experience and giving you the best possible results.

Our experienced therapists are guaranteed to make YOU feel great and feel confident both in and out of your clothes!  We will keep you cool, comfortable and feeling sexy. | Peggy Millios, CEO